Reasons To Start Kayaking

There is too many reasons to start kayaking or canoeing to count, however this does include the health benefits, both mental and physical, the new friends you’ll make, and the closer it will bring you to nature.

Water wildlife is less afraid of those in the water along side them, therefore you may get some amazing experiences with cool animals such as fish, ducks and even swans. These experiences help bring you closer to nature and improve your outlook on wildlife.

Canoeing and kayaking both use a lot of upper body strength, this is a great benefit if you’re looking to get stronger and healthier. While doing this you can be having great fun with the family or with friends, therefore making it a great win-win situation.

Simply, it’s fun. In the UK, nearly two million people go canoeing or kayaking, and it’s for a reason: it’s fun. On a nice warm day with picnics in the backpack it’s simply idyllic to peacefully cruise down a river with family and friends.

Furthermore, it’s a sport for everyone, it is accessible for everyone, no matter what your physique is. The sport is simply as gentle or extreme as you choose which is why so many people take part in these sports.

Your horizons will be totally broadened by this experience, travelling and canoeing or kayaking is one of the most enjoyable things you can do, you get to experience nature and wildlife across the world from within and it opens your eyes to the beauty and wonders of the natural world.

If budget is a concern, it is not a problem, all you need is a kayak/canoe and a paddle, you can get these really cheap online if you are looking for something basic, but they also go up to very high prices if you want something a bit more extreme. And if buying and storing a vessel isn’t for you, you can rent them for cheap prices, do some research online and you’re bound to find somewhere near you to rent a kayak.

Kayaking relieves stress: many people find the peace of gently flowing down the river surrounded by wildlife stress relieving, and it’s not surprise.

If you’re trying to lose weight, this is a simple way to get started, just one hour of gentle paddling can burn as many as 400 calories!