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Which Temporary Insurance Company Is Best?

Temporary or short term insurance is a cover that is valid for a maximum of 28 days. The cover comes in handy in a variety of situations as it is convenient, fast and effective. Depending on the insurance service provider; the cover can be used for motorbikes, motor homes, vans and cars. 

When Do You Need a Temporary Insurance Cover?

Every once in a while, there is a need to insure a car for a short while as it is potentially cheaper than taking an annual cover. In addition to the convenience, if you need to place claim in a short term cover, it doesn’t not affect your existing annual policy. So when do you need a short term cover?

When borrowing or hiring a vehicle

All You Need to Know About Starting to Drive

How to Learn to Drive

Cars have become an effective mode of transport for people belonging to all walks of life. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom that needs to drive your children to school or an office employee that needs a fast way to reach his office, a car can help you in getting to your destination in a comfortable manner. However, before you get to use a car, you need to learn to drive it first. Cars are complex machines and it is important for you to learn to handle them first before you can be allowed to drive them out on the road.

Learning how to drive a car isn’t such a difficult process. You just need to learn the basics of the car’s mechanisms and how to drive it in a safe manner on the road. This would require you to enrol yourself in a car driving institute. An instructor is going to teach you how to handle the car. He will further guide you about the traffic rules and regulations that you need to follow in order to drive the car safely. After you have learnt all this, he will let you drive the car under his supervision on the road. Once the driving training is over, you will be required to take a driving test. Passing it will get you the clearance to drive your car on the road.

What Does Driving a Car Entail?

For new car drivers, driving is simply the exercise of handling their car on the road. However, this is not even half the job. When driving a car, you should know what is going on with your car every step of the way. This includes its inner workings and any possible issues that it might be carrying. Moreover, you must also know your obligations to the government as well as other people on the road when driving a car too. The following are some aspects of driving that budding car drivers should know about.  Read More...

Can You Get a Property Without a Mortgage?

Fulfilling Your Desire to Own a Home

Buying a property or home in the UK nowadays is fast becoming impossible for a common person thanks to the rising property prices. Mortgage is perhaps the best means for an individual to fulfil his desire of becoming the owner of a house. It would provide the financing that is needed to pay for the cost of the home. However, mortgage comes with a ton of debt that won’t be easy to pay back. The monthly mortgage payments would consume all your finances, leaving you almost nothing behind to meet your daily needs. So, even mortgage isn’t an option. The question that arises here is can properties be purchased without mortgage then? Recent trends show that the answer might be in the affirmative. 

How to Get a Property Without Mortgage 

While it might not seem feasible for some people that properties in the UK can be purchased without mortgage but it can be done. There are people who have been able to purchase homes by paying the full amount in cash. Yes, cash! They were able to secure the finances that were needed to buy the property with cash and so didn’t need any mortgage loan. The following are some of the other ways that can be used for owning a property without mortgage. Read More...