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Young Drivers Insurace with Hastings Direct

Get a Hassle Free Insurance Policy from Hastings Direct

Shopping for insurance packages can be quite the hassle and time consuming. There are so many insurance companies you can choose from and so many different insurance policies that you are required to have by law. Hastings Directs is your best bet for a hassle-free method of obtaining a quote on an insurance package. They are a subsidiary of Hastings Insurance Services Limited. They provide a several protection insurance to those in need of insurance in the United Kingdom. 

Because of their online platform, Hastings has been able to continually expand their services. For those who seek further assistance with the packages, the Hastings Direct Customer service can be found here

If you will seek out the help of a customer service representative, it easier to educate yourself what they offer so that you can prepare your questions. They have the following forms:

Multiple car insurance

Home insurance

Bike insurance

Van insurance

These policies can be customized to the need of the customers. The website contains explicit information to educate yourself on what to expect, but the assistance of a customer service representative is always helpful and is advised by us to contact. 

There is a reason that the clients keep coming back to them for their services and those include various reasons that only make their lives a little bit easier. At Hastings, you can get:

90 days of protection while travelling through the European union

They are available 24/7 for emergencies

Different levels of protection

Third party packages are available

Reasonable pricing guaranteed by the roundup of competitors pricing

When in doubt you can always review hastingsdirect.com to read about real life experiences people had with Hastings Direct. We agree that this is an unconventional way of shopping for insurance, but it is the more convenient way. The consumer action group page is to be taken with a grain of salt, as there are a lot of reviews bashing on the name of Hastings Direct which you can check out here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk.

Tips on car insurance for young drivers

For those aged between 17 and 25 you are likely to experience especially high insurance prices. With the many insurance packages available and money wolfs out to misuse the innocence of the first time insurers, we want to offer you more options and have some great tips in order to establish your actual need and what fits within your budget. 

Although you can find a lot of tips on young-drivers-top-tips on the internet, but we’ll give a brief summary here:


Shop around

The more time you put into choosing the right insurance for you, the better the outcome. Compare prices, look online for quotes and call the customer service desk of the insurance companies when something is unclear or if you need additional explanation. 

Always check up on your insurer

This is especially necessary if you want to avoid to get scammed. Scammers are usually prey on the young insurers. The way to check is to see if they are authorized and are regulated by the FCA.

Choose a level of cover

If your car was written off in an accident and you have difficulty in replacing your car, you can choose to take a fully comprehensive insurance.
Third party insurance is advised when you are driving a car worth less than a couple of hundred pounds. Before making that choice, do check the other options as there might be cheaper alternatives.

Lower your insurance risk

By driving a car in a low insurance group, you will lower the premium you will have to pay than a car that is expensive to repair or have special customizations.
By driving only when necessary you keep your mileage low. This will have an effect on the premium.
Driving slowly has more benefits than keeping yourself and possible passengers safe. If you are able to present a rapport without any accidents, no points and no claims (especially in the first year) you are eligible for a lower premium on your second year. 
Add a second low risk driver as your second driver. This can be anyone from friends to your parents, but be aware of making other the main driver as that is illegal. 

Try to lower the cost

You can do this by avoiding monthly installments, the brokers usually charge interest over those. A once a year payment will save you money over long term.
Only if it gets you a better deal, consider an advance driving course.
By paying an optional excess this will add up to your compulsory excess which lowers your premium in return.