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Which Temporary Insurance Company Is Best?

Temporary or short term insurance is a cover that is valid for a maximum of 28 days. The cover comes in handy in a variety of situations as it is convenient, fast and effective. Depending on the insurance service provider; the cover can be used for motorbikes, motor homes, vans and cars. 

When Do You Need a Temporary Insurance Cover?

Every once in a while, there is a need to insure a car for a short while as it is potentially cheaper than taking an annual cover. In addition to the convenience, if you need to place claim in a short term cover, it doesn’t not affect your existing annual policy. So when do you need a short term cover?

When borrowing or hiring a vehicle

When delivering or collecting a vehicle

When test driving a car

When using a dealer’s can while yours is being repaired or serviced

When going on a long drive with an uninsured party

When using a sports of classic car that you rarely drive

When someone else occasionally uses your car

When using another’s vehicle in emergency occasions

Temporary Insurance Companies

Short term insurance covers run from a few hours to 28 days. There are several companies that offer temporary covers. Here is a list of the best;

Collngwood Learner Driver Insurance

You can insure our own or another’s car with premiums of less than £2 a day. The policy term runs from 7 days to 24 weeks; be sure to read the fine print before you take it up. You can get discounts of subsequent purchases of policies.

Day Insure Temporary Cover

This is a cover that is underwritten by Aviva, can be taken by anyone from 19-75 years of age. The policy cover is valid from 1 to 28 days, and comes with a comprehensive option. This policy is perfect for motor homes, cars and vans.

Insure Daily Short Term Cover

This is a short term cover of up to 28 days, and is available only as standard for third parties. It is available to all people between 19 and 70 years. If you need a comprehensive temporary cover, you might want to look for another option.

Marmalade Learner Driver Insurance

This is an instant policy cover for drivers who are still in the learning process, especially if they are looking for a chance to practice in a family or friend’s car. This cover is exclusively available to drivers who are learning, and the policy term runs from 1 to 3 months.

Insure Learner Drivers’ Short Term Cover

This cover runs from 7 to 140 days and is exclusively available to learners. This has no European cover and has a standard excess of £250.

Insure4aday Temporary Car Cover

This cover runs from 1 to 28 days, with an optional comprehensive cover. You can also choose a standard European third party cover.

Aviva Short Term Insurance

This cover runs up to 28 days, and the standard excess varies depending on the circumstances.  The policy is available in optional comprehensive cover as well as third party covers only as standard. The cover is available to everyone.

The AA Short Term Car Cover

This cover is available to third parties only as standard, and can be accessed by everyone. It is valid for up to 28 days with a standard excess of £250.

The Temp Cover Temporary Car Insurance

This is a cover that is provided by an insurance broker, and is available to everyone who needs it for up to 28 days. It is not a comprehensive cover and it is available to third parties only as standard.

When Not To Take a Temporary Insurance Cover

If you need an insurance cover for a few days, the perfect option is to take up a short term cover. It is a lot cheaper, however, you might be required to pay cancellation fee when you do not need it anymore.

Temporary cover is usually paid daily; which can be pretty expensive if you need a cover longer than a month. It is also important to note that there is a limited amount of times you can take up the temporary cover in a year. Therefore, if you will need the temp cover more often than a few times in a year, the annual insurance cover is more convenient and considerably cheaper in the long run. 


Before you settle for any temporary insurance cover, it is important to do some research. Look at the terms and conditions of the cover before you pick it up. Be sure to check out the validity, whether it is standard or comprehensive. Check the total costs too as well as what it covers.